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Passion by Rabi Khan

I love Art.com. As a place to explore art, it’s the next best thing to being there. Whenever I go to the site, I discover gems by artists I’m unfamiliar with. I sometimes think I enjoy surfing Art.com more than the “real life” galleries. It’s so much fun to enter search terms where I meet more great artists. Today I learned about Rabi Khan via a search on Dali. My one wish for Art.com would be offering visitors biographical info on their artists. Even after googling him, I’ve got no idea who this artist is.

I would love to know more about him, not just his art, but the person behind the art. If an artist paints the aura of love rather than a literal view of it gems of soul-kissed art are created. Rami Khan accomplishes this beautifully. I admire not only the work, but whatever inspired this artist. Regardless of the mystery surrounding his identity, I’m grateful for places I can visit on the internet that give me a couch potato and art fix at the same time.  It adds a lot more Beauty (with a big b) to my world.


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