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Nah, the bad news isn’t really that bad. The only reason I can even joke about it being bad news is I am poor as a pauper yet buying a book or two a week lately. My most recent waiting for me at Amazon.  Amazon knows how to get the attention of book-a-holics like me. Today a book by Caitlin Matthews is taunting me.  On top of that, I have the penny pincher on one shoulder saying, “Buy another book and you will go bankrupt. Be strong. Resist.”

The book junkie on the other shoulder wants a fix. Today it reminded me how much we loved hearing a reading from “The Celtic Spirit” at church on Candlemas of 2005. The book-a-holic is the same demon that forces me to buy the Dunkin’ Donut coffee or finish a whole bag of m&ms in one sitting.  Right now it is whispering the long list of reasons why I need this book. Yes, the penny pincher has a good point, but I like more of what the book junkie has to say.

I didn’t buy the book yet, but the darned “search inside the book” feature at Amazon is showing me excerpts and I fear I will be going off the wagon soon. Oh, hell, I might as well go buy it now and just save myself the trouble.


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