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Even though I am grateful for the gems I find when looking at Kemetic Paganism in the Google directory, so many links are dead.  In general, the links sections of more than half the webpages I visit seem to lead to dead ends, but it bugs me most when it’s something as valuable as the beautiful ways of worshiping in ancient Egypt.   There’s just not enough of it on the internet.

(to be con’t tomorrow)


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It happened again while listening to my Babatunde Olatunji’s Healing Session as I read Muata Ashby’s Devotional Book of Shetaut Neter. While taking in the beautiful mysterious words and hieroglyphics, I felt a sense of awe. Again I felt Isis alive in me. That was just the beginning. It seemed the book and cd created a multi-sensual symphony. The percussion with the text blended somehow and I felt I was somewhere I’ve been before…somewhere a long, long, long time ago.

I have had other experiences with music from Africa. There are times I feel the color of my skin betrays me, that my soul feels me dressed in dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes. My blue eyes feel foreign when I get in the space like I did yesterday with another experience of deja vu.

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