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I just added some youtube videos with whirling dervishes to my playlist. One of them is embedded at the end of this entry. I love watching the whirling dervishes as they pray in their unique way. Neil Douglas Klotz‘s books opened me up to so many things I seriously doubt I would have found if not for him.

He helped me understand both Christianity and Islam in a new way. He illuminates that preciousness we don’t see anymore in Christianity. His beautiful version of the Lord’s Prayer is my favorite. Translated from Aramaic (the language Jesus spoke), we can be experience it in a new way. At the Abwoon Study Circle site, it’s written in both Aramaic and English. It includes an audio to hear the lines of the prayer in Aramaic. I love the sound of Aramaic. Something about is poetic and musical.

Neil Douglas Klotz’s words have something contagious in them. I am amazed at his ability to liberate a dried up prayer most Christians say by rote, transforming it into a living breathing song. He also opens up the heart and soul to take in things like dancing as prayer. I could never “whirl” for the Divine because, like most people, I would fall flat on my butt. Wondering how they stay on their feet makes whirling dervishes even more fascinating to me.

Though I can’t say I am knowledgeable about Sufism or the Islam faith, I am grateful that I was introduced to this form of mysticism experienced by some Muslims. We live in an age where people are judging others in harmful ways and the tension between many Americans and Muslims is undeniable. Perhaps this entry to my Gnosis blog will inspire someone to let down their guard and experience the beauty of faith instead.


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