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moving day

Yesterday was moving day. I took the contents of <a href=”https://followyourgnosis.wordpress.com”>Follow Your Gnosis</a> over to <a href=”http://followyourgnosis.blogspot.com”>Blogger</a&gt;. Overall, I love WordPress, but there are a few things I’ve been unable to figure out with my limited html knowledge. Since I’m undecided at this point about my preferences, I’ll blog at both Blogger and WordPress for now.


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more on lent


Here’s my update on what I’m doing for Lent. I decided I would spend fifteen minutes of each day over Lent praying for others. Yes, it’s something I often do daily anyway, but there are other days I think I’m “too busy”. And, yes, I could have picked something a lot more challenging. Yet I’ve learned the past few months that it’s better to take a realistic step forward than sprint at a pace which sets me up to fail. I suppose I could explain it as a “one day at a time” approach to goal setting. Achieving a few minutes more a day is better than frustrating myself and failing with a “bigger, better” idea.

I will most likely create a valuable habit by the end of Lent and it will be a time of personal and spiritual growth. Maybe resolutions often don’t work because people see the glamorous end result versus the challenging process of getting there.  Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. 

One example I found on the internet of step-by-step goal setting is  Care2.com‘s “petition” for people to sign where they give up something that gives to Mother Nature.  Specifically the persons signing the petition vow to give up something that reduces global warming. What a great idea! On many levels it’s a guarantee for success. It helps people look for realistic possibilities that give to earth by reducing the impact of their activities on the environment. From lowering the thermostat to air drying laundry, it’s wonderful to see people thinking up ways to live differently and make earth a better place for all.

I smile because it’s such an unusual blend of Christianity and paganism.  Whether it’s Ostara or Easter, we can celebrate life itself together. Mother Nature deals with all our sibling rivalry yet always finds ways we can live as the family we all are. Thanks again, Mother!

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the other secret

While blog hopping, I came across a pagan blog which boldly debates The Secret. Songs of Unforgetting has valid points and I’m sure there are many others who are in agreement. When I saw The Secret, I felt it only reminded me of something I already know, but I also wondered about those suffering in a way they could not ever have asked for. Some people probably think I’m just being a grouchy old woman when I ask, “how did a tiny baby who is in the process of starving to death ask for what ‘they got’?” Let me ask anyone critiquing my point of view how they would explain to the children in the picture below why they are dying of hunger?


Though I think we can bring on various circumstances by our thoughts, feelings and lifestyle, we also get dealt some cards that are unrelated to the law of attraction. Something in our soul may be learning some lesson, but I will never look at a suffering baby and blame it for it’s situation.

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No, there isn’t such a book, but I’m sure someday there will be. Picking a name for a weblog can be very challenging. You can spend weeks trying to figure out the perfect title.

It’s sort of like picking a name for a baby. Not just anything will do. Would you pick your newborn’s name out of a hat? I doubt it. Would you just jot down the first name you thought of on the birth certificate?

You can’t expect a weblog or a child to get very popular with a name like Igor. On the other hand, if it takes nine months to name your blog, you’re probably not ready to name a baby (or have a baby for that matter).

By the way, Follow Your Gnosis is the name of this blog. Why?

Why not? Here’s dictionary.com’s definition of the word gnosis. I had some other ideas, all related to the word gnosis (since this a spiritual journal). There was Sticky Gnosis (which I got from “sticky notes”) which reminded me of those little green buggers on the cold medicine commercials. The other idea was Pink Gnosis (from “pink notice”), but it sounded like something about to be fired for having conjunctivitis.

Anyhoo…I ended up reading web pages full of cliches and proverbs looking for words like “know” and “nose”. I knew I wanted to spin something from them by rearranging with the word gnosis. When I saw “follow your nose”, I was inspired to name this blog Follow Your Gnosis.

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